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An office furniture project for an office in downtown Chicago. The Architect's AutoCAD floor plan required furniture space planning and symbol creation for special products. The drawing was then sent into 3D Studio. Lighting and materials were added and then it was rendered in low resolution which is shown here.

This elevation was created off of an original architectural hand drawing. The print was scanned and then digitized and used as an underlay. The architect designed a new terrace and a conservatory for the home which is shown here. We also cleaned up the scanned drawing and provided a plan set for client approval and permit.

A conceptual building drawing for a local area project. The project started as a Autocad Architectural mass study drawing that was imported into Sketch Up. Road, trees, sidewalks and car were added along with minimal materials to show building shape

A redrawn floor plan of a local facility. Our task was to revise the floor and space plan for new offices and furniture. We also specified the furniture and created a BOM for bid.

A medical equipment planning company that required a updated symbol 2d library. A number of hospital projects, for equipment placement have done as well. Currently the client is moving into Revit Architecture for doing additional hospital projects.


A speculative private residence drawn on tissue paper by the Owner. We took the tissue and worked out the dimensions and made the model shown here in ADT. We displayed it with the roof off so the client could visualize the interior of the space.

Major Bank:

A year and half project which included updating their CAD standards, and converting 1500 branch offices into the new corporate standards. Drawings were converted into Autocad 2008 and then linked to their facility management program. Furniture was drawn using 20/20 CAP Software.

Symbol Library Examples:

We can create any type of graphic - 2d with or without attributes. 3D graphics in Autocad, Sketch Up and Revit. Custom routines to make your business can also be created.

Other Projects Not Shown:

Major Furniture Factory: Over a two year period developed a 2d and 3d symbol library in Autocad. Also created a BOM program called ProSpec for specifying furniture. Security Company: A one year project to update their CAD system and convert existing drawings into Autocad. A new symbol library was created along with improved and faster routines to get the work process completed on time. The result was less cost in producing drawings for their clients.

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